Badge Reels

Badge reels are small and lightweight retractable devices that are great for holding any ID, verification card, proximity card, keys or USB flash drives.  There are a lot of ways to customize your own badge reel. It can come in a variety of shapes, colors, and sizes. There are also a lot of different types of clips that you can use to attach to your clothing. There are spring clips, belt clips, and closed-end pins. And the retractable cord can be stretched to 27-36 inches long.  What’s even better is that this badge reel can be customized to relay a message. Let your company slogan or tagline be heard with the use of this functional device. These are perfect for jobs that require the employees to go in and out of the office. Easily swipe in your ID or proximity card without having to reach into your bag. Badge reels are the most essential tool to save time and not keep these workers to dig into their bags to find their IDs. 

Badge Reels as a Promotional Item

This product acts as a great promotional item because these are low-cost and very easy to make. Different companies, universities, and organizations usually use this product to promote their brand.  Schools or companies let their students and employees use custom badge reels and go around as a walking advertisement. They can surely benefit from this cost-effective promotional item. Different businesses like hotels, restaurants, and resorts also use this product as a form of identification for their employees and guests. And they also use this as a promotional item.  It couldn’t be simpler to order your own custom badge reel for your promotional need. Pinoy Ballers has the most durable badge reel in the market. As always, call us at +63 927-877-5212 (GLOBE),  +632 8929-9845 (Landline) or email us at

Learn More About Badge Reels

Badge reels are the perfect alternatives for lanyards. Our badge reel has a metal clip at the back that can clamp onto any clothes or lanyards. It has a cord that can be stretched for up to 2 feet and easily could easily retract. This would make it very easy for you to swipe your cards or display your ID without having to reach into your pocket or bag.  

Shop with our wide customization options for our badge reels. Pinoy Ballers is your leading provider of top-of-the-line badge reels. Customize your own badge reel by choosing your own color, message, font, and design.