Keychains have been an everyday essential for centuries, as they’re instrumental not only for organizing keys but also for holding other tools like flashlights, trackers, and pocketknives. Their simplicity and high utility also makes keychains an extremely effective promotional item, as most people are guaranteed to have them and to handle them frequently from day to day. If you’re interested in producing custom keychains to promote your brand or advocacy, Pinoyballers is just the partner for you. Our team will happily work with you to design and produce customized keychains that effectively showcase your brand.

Are you the sort of person to prefer simple, utilitarian keychains? Keychains with attractive shapes and colors? What about keychains with small tools attached to them, like carabiners or bottle openers? Whatever your preference, Pinoyballers’ extensive catalog is sure to have something for you. We offer keychains made in a wide selection of high-quality materials, including felt, leather, and stainless steel. Once you’ve chosen a particular product, you can then personalize it further by choosing the color and submitting a logo, emblem, motto, or other design to us for customization.

Established in 2005, Pinoyballers has since become one of the Philippines’ top sources for customizable promotional merchandise. Browse our catalog and take your pick from our comprehensive array of custom apparel, bags, tech accessories, and even office supplies. Get in touch with your team and we’ll make sure to execute your design flawlessly from start to finish. Order a batch of custom keytags from Pinoyballers now!