Need a fun, accessible way to extend your reach and boost brand recall for your company? Then you’ll definitely want to look into some customized coasters from Pinoyballers. We’re a leading Philippine ecommerce company that specializes in personalized promotional items made from only the best quality materials. We’ll work with you to design functional, affordable promotional coasters that showcase your brand or cause to perfection. The next time your customers feel like sitting down with a relaxing cup of coffee or knocking back a cold one after work, we can make sure you’re on their mind from the first sip to the last.

Though the very first coasters were initially made of cardboard, this humble but essential household item has evolved over the centuries to improve both its durability and functionality. We offer them in a wide array of materials besides the traditional paper coaster, from rubber to cork to leather to even wood. Pick the type that suits your preference and you’ll be able to personalize it further by adding your brand name, logo, tagline, or any other artwork you desire.

Besides coasters, Pinoyballers offers personalization services for wristbands, lanyards, pins, clothing, tech products, office supplies, and a host of other items to suit the needs of every client. We want nothing more than to execute your vision for pitch-perfect promotional materials to a tee. Browse the pages on our website to find out more, and place your first order with Pinoyballers today!