Fabric Wristbands

Pricing Guide for Fabric Wristbands
Qty 50 100 200 300 500 1,000 3,000 5,000
Price ₱148.20 ₱75.00 ₱59.40 ₱47.40 ₱41.40 ₱28.80 ₱25.80 ₱23.40

Note: Price value is per piece.

If you are looking for the best security wristband, fabric wristbands are the best. Also known as cloth wristbands, this usually comes with a locked attachment, making it very secure. The wristband lock attachment fastens the wristband that prevents its easy removal. Because of this feature, it is the most commonly used type of wristband during events. It increases the event’s security, making sure that there are no gatecrashers or frauds coming into the event. This is also perfect for events that last for more than 3 days, or even week-long events.  Aside from the lock attachment, fabric wristband can also be inserted with RFID. The RFID technology is the most high-tech feature available for fabric wristband. Not only does it make your event more secure, but it also allows for cashless transactions. This fabric wristband also can come in either a woven or printed finish. This means that your design will not easily fade off especially for events that include water.  Fabric wristbands are also commonly used for little festivities like birthday parties, weddings, anniversaries, baby showers, and bridal showers. This is ideal specially for themed events. And because fabric wristbands are fully customizable, you can custom design your wristbands into whatever color and design that you want. You can stick to your party’s theme and have your wristbands follow your event’s theme. 

Fabric Wristbands as a Promotional Item

Fabric or cloth wristbands are very durable, lightweight and easy to wear. These are great for promoting events like trade shows, nightlife, music festivals, and concerts. Pinoy Ballers has a range of customization options for your fabric wristband. And because of this, you have all the power to come up with a design that would best express your brand.  We, at Pinoy Ballers, have an online designer tool where you can easily customize your own fabric wristbands. Call us at +63 927-877-5212 (GLOBE) , +632 8929-9845 (Landline) or email us at

Learn More About Fabric Wristbands

More than its aesthetic features, fabric wristbands serve a lot of functional purposes. Fabric wristbands give a long-term admission solution to any kind of events. This is ideal for events with large crowds like music festivals and concerts. 

Pinoy Ballers offers the most durable fabric wristbands in the country. We can custom design your own fabric wristbands to any color, design, shape, and size you like.