Badge Holders

A badge holder is an identification product that can be inserted with a card or a piece of paper filled out with your personal information. Usually, people use a badge holder to carry their school or work IDs, or even their RFID cards for their apartments. Because they are used to hold valuable items, you may think that you can only use badge holders that are neutral-colored and made of plastic, but that’s where we come in. Pinoyballers is your creative design supplier that offers customizable badge holders in every design and color to match your budget.

We provide customization services for all types of badge holders, including silicone ID badge holders, reusable name badges holders, and mini ion necklaces. Our most popular product is the silicone ID badge holder, which can be customized in 11 different colors, from white to yellow to light pink. We can also include your brand name and logo on the back to make your product even more unique. There is a minimum order of 100 pieces for our silicone ID badges and mini ion necklaces.

Who says that professional items need to be boring? Here at Pinoyballers, we inject fun and style into all our products so that you can have fashionable items while still being an experienced professional in your line of business. Call us today to learn more about our customizable badge holders or check out our other offerings, including our packages for wristbands, bags, and buttons.