Face Masks

PinoyBallers is passionate about helping fellow Filipinos keep safe and stylish. As part of that commitment, we have expanded our offerings to include custom face masks as well. From customizable cotton masks to KN95 masks, our masks can help you feel more confident when commuting or going out in public. Our face masks are guaranteed to be woven with the finest material that prevent dust, bacteria, and germs from entering your nose or throat.

Some of our face masks are designed to form a seal around the nose and mouth to prevent any airborne contaminants from entering your body. They are effective in keeping you safe from potential viruses and help you feel more at ease when out in public places, such as the mall or the market. We offer full customization of your masks, including dyeing them using natural ingredients to your preferred color or embossing them with your preferred design and logo. Nevertheless, we may limit the extent of the artwork if it will compromise the integrity of the product, especially for a face mask with a valve.

For your safety, it’s recommended that you choose the correct face masks for your intended activity. For example, surgical face masks may block large particles (such as smoke), but may not be as effective for smaller particles (such as viruses). Regardless, we offer all types of customizable face masks for your needs. Contact PinoyBallers today for more information about this product and our other products, including custom wristbands and bags.