Custom flags are great ways to show your solidarity for your favorite sports team, band, or school. PinoyBallers is a trusted local supplier of custom items that showcase your spirit in bright, fun, and affordable ways. We are fully committed to delivering high-quality products to you that you can proudly show off.

Our custom flags are printed on durable polyester fabric using silk screening. This printing process is highly recommended for bolder, graphic designs and is the method of choice for companies wanting to show their colors in a dramatic way. We typically only print on one side, but you may request double-sided printing as well. All our flags come with finishing options, including grommets and pole sleeves, as needed. Our flags can be used in any weather, though we recommend keeping flags inside during inclement weather to prevent damage.

Customize your flags today with PinoyBallers. We print flags using a wide array of colors, from bright red to vivid turquoise to cooling green. Our flags may also be further customized to the exact size you want. Contact us today on the numbers listed on our website so that we can help you create the custom flag you want at a price point you will love. We also offer customization for other products, including lanyards, wristbands, and desktop accessories.