Strategies for Mobilizing Young Voters in the Philippines

Voting is both a civic right and responsibility. It is a right because it gives us the freedom to elect who we want in our government, even as it’s everyone’s responsibility to stay well-informed of the candidates that we’re voting for and see if they’re the right person for the job. The youth, especially, plays a vital role in this as they make up a significant chunk of the voters here in the Philippines.

But what does it take to encourage them to actively participate in voting? Here are some strategies that may help increase turnout for young voters.

Harness Social Media for Information and Engagement

The Philippines has consistently ranked high when it comes to social media usage, with data from media monitoring agencies such as Meltwater and We Are Social putting the figure at 86.75 million social media users just this early 2024. Facebook remains to be the top social media choice for Filipinos, with more than 86 million active users and counting.

It then comes as no surprise that social media became a powerful tool during the Halalan 2022 campaign. Both campaigns for then presidential candidates Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr. and Leni Robredo were widely active on social media circles. Debates were stirred and information was disseminated through these online platforms to extend their campaign’s reach to more people.

Given that there’s already such a wide-reaching platform in the country, this same strategy can be employed toward encouraging apolitical youth to vote. Information on voting can be spread through posts that in turn can be easily shared among their circles. Likewise, rundowns on the candidates that are running can be compiled on social media pages for easy perusal. By reaching out to the youth in a platform they’re already familiar with, they are more likely to engage in the information being conveyed.

Push for a More Accessible Voter Registration Process

The Commission on Elections (COMELEC) is always keen on encouraging the youth to register as voters and exercise their right to suffrage. However, lack of information on the registration process sometimes deter young people from doing so. Hence, another means to effectively mobilize young voters—and something that the Comelec has been doing so already—is to make voter registration more accessible to them.

One such COMELEC initiative is the Special Satellite and Register Anywhere Project (SSARAP), wherein COMELEC itself visits various universities in the country to process voter registration right at their campuses. Aside from being convenient, this also eliminates the worry among students of having to take a day off from school just to go to their local government offices and register. There is also the Register Anywhere Program (RAP) that has COMELEC opening up satellite registration hubs in malls and other urban spaces so that young professionals can easily drop by after work to register.

Forge Connections Between Local Governments and Youth Groups

It’s never too early to involve the youth when it comes to their civic duties. In fact, doing so gives them a firsthand look at the way our country runs and in turn may help them feel more invested in their role in nation-building. Thus, another way of engaging the youth to participate in matters of voting and elections is by forging tie-ups between them and the local government.

This may include tapping into youth leaders to be part of electoral information dissemination or opening up calls for youth volunteers to man voting precincts. Engagement can also be generated through campaigns that specifically call for youth participation, such as essay writing contests that are open for students, holding leadership summits involving student leaders, or inviting young professionals to participate in seminars to talk about their experiences in being part of the workforce.

Essentially, the key here is to take on a more personal approach. Recognize the youth as a subsection of registered voters that needs focused attention instead of assuming an all-size-fits-all approach to campaign drives. For agencies like the COMELEC, this means visiting campuses to get in touch with potential young voters directly. For electoral candidates, it means involving more young people in their team so they can be in touch with what the youth truly want and expect from their leaders.

Our right to vote gives us the power to affect the change we wish to see in our country. The youth in particular should be able to participate in this endeavor as the future belongs to them. One means to spread this message in a more tangible way is through distribution of customized accessories that carry a call to action to register and vote.

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