Desktop and Laptop Accessories

Boost your office productivity with our extensive line of Pinoyballers desktop and laptop accessories. From desktop calendars to swivel flash drives to custom wristbands for your USBs, we have everything you need to boost your office productivity. Our products are perfect no matter if you work at an office or have a work-from-home setup.

We have an extensive range of accessories to choose from. That said, many of our clients come to us for custom website privacy stickers to place on top of their webcams. These stickers can be slid across the installed webcam on a laptop and prevent apps or hackers from taking unwanted photos of you. Our webcam privacy stickers can be made either in plastic or aluminum and designed in either black or gray. Due to limited space, we can only accommodate smaller graphics of text.

If you’re looking for something portable, we also offer 16GB swivel flash drives. These USBs can come in four different colors, black, red, orange, and silver. You can also have us emboss the cover with your preferred design and logo. Our commitment to quality is what differentiates PinoyBallers from the rest. Aside from our high-quality desktop accessories, we also offer customization for other products such as bags, lanyards, and hand fans. Contact us today to learn why we remain the most trusted custom supplier in the Philippines!