One of the greatest qualities of magnets is their charm. Magnets that feature a country’s iconic attraction or a famous animated character have a way of making people stop and appreciate their attractive designs. Because of their ability to capture a person’s attention and impart positive emotions, magnets are commonly given as gifts, used as promotional items, or a medium artists can use to expand their merchandise. The challenge, however, is working with a company that supplies high-quality magnets. Fortunately, PinoyBallers has been in the promotional items industry since 2005 so we have the tools and experience to create durable and charming magnets.

Whether you’re a business owner who wants to use magnets to increase your company’s brand awareness or an artist who wants to put your design on a magnet, PinoyBallers can help make that happen. We have several types of magnets in our catalog so you can choose a magnet that suits your needs. Our selection includes round fridge magnet, magnetic can coolers, magnetic food clips, and full color fridge magnets. Our magnets are also customizable. You can change their base color and even have your business logo or artwork printed on them. Moreover, PinoyBallers can handle orders that require up to 5,000 pieces. As such, you can rest assured that the quality and appearance of your magnets will stay consistent.

Designing magnets with PinoyBallers is easy. Once you’ve chosen the type of magnet you like, you can select its color, confirm the delivery date, and add to cart. If you upload an artwork, we’ll send you a mock up for approval prior to products so you changes can be made if needed. For more details, you can call as at our landline or mobile phone number. You can also visit our contact us page and fill out the form or email us at