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Are you still not sure which wristband type you want for your upcoming event? Or do you have a particular type of wristband that you are eyeing for already? With our wristband order samples, you can start getting ideas on what wristband design you want for your next event. 

If you are not yet sure which wristband is suitable for your event, we can send you a sample order pack. Our sample pack order is available to anyone who would like to see and feel the wristbands. Each sample pack consists of all the wristband samples that we are offering. Above all, this is a combination of debossed, imprinted, deboss-fill, embossed, emboss-printed, blank, figured, or dual-layer. 

Our sample pack is available to whoever wants to examine thoroughly which wristband would work best for them. From our wristband order samples, you will be able to determine the perfect wristband for your next possible advertising move. Thus, you can decide on which colors, prints, and add-one that you would like for your promotional wristbands. 

From our sample pack, you can determine the wristband type, color, printing method, quality, size and shape you would want for your next wristband order. We, at Pinoy Ballers, are very confident that our products are high-quality and very durable. And we are ready to prove it to all of our customers with the use of our very own order sample pack. 

If you finally decide to have a specific type of wristband for your event, our sample pack is here to help our customers make their decisions. We can deliver your very own starter pack wherever you are in the Philippines. 

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Find the perfect promotional wristband for your brand or event. Request your own sample pack now from us, Pinoy Ballers. If you have any questions or concerns, call us at +63 927-877-5212 (GLOBE), +632 8929-9842 (Landline), +632 8929-9845 (Landline) or email us at

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