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Health and Beauty

Believe it or not, but Pinoyballers also makes custom health and beauty items at an affordable price point. We have everything from custom pocket mirrors to custom mirror organizers so that you can feel beautiful and more confident without breaking the bank. Our commitment to offering high-quality custom products at sensible prices has made us the most trusted gift and trinkets supplier in the Philippines, and with good reason.

We offer various beauty items that every fashionable woman (or man) needs to go about their day in style. One of our more popular products is our crystal rose gold metal frame pocket mirror. As its name suggests, this is a beautiful miniature mirror with a romantic embossed design. The mirror folds neatly into a compact size and occupies very little space in your purse or wallet. You can even place it in your pocket if you like. As with all our mirrors, you can customize the item to your preferred color and design. We offer ten brilliant colors, from warm brown to delicate pink, and everything else in between. We can also emboss your desired artwork on the back of the mirror using silkscreen imprinting. For best results, we recommend uploading a high-resolution picture so that we can fully capture the color and design.

Contact PinoyBallers today at the numbers listed on our website to see how we can collaborate. Aside from beauty products, we also offer full customization for other products like gloves, face masks, and glassware.