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Silicone ID Badge Holder

Almost anyone who works in an office, hospital, government office, and schools are familiar with badge holders. This is what keeps the people from an organization recognized. These badge holders are usually attached to a lanyard that is usually worn around the neck, shoulders or wrists. It is a great way to protect any kind of identification card or RFID.  Who knew that a little piece of accessory could do so much? Badge holders are widely known because it can carry any type of ID in different setups such as offices, schools, or trade shows. Our highly durable silicone material is what keeps the Silicone ID Badge Holder long-lasting. Badge holders may seem so simple, but they are something that you will be needing on a daily basis. Simply slide in your ID into the silicone badge holder and you are good to go. The protective badge holder keeps your cards and IDs securely in place. There is no wonder why most people choose to have a silicone badge holder to protect their cards and IDs with a silicone badge holder because of the highly strong material used to make this product.

Silicone ID Badge Holder as Promotional Item

Keep your credentials clean and secure with badge holders. Boost your brand’s visibility by incorporating your logo on these silicone id badge holders. These silicone badge holders are an awesome promotional item. These are also highly customizable, allowing personal messages, logos, colors or designs into the badge holder’s silicone material. Surely a functional product but also surely a cost-effective item. Pinoy Ballers is the leading source of Silicone ID Badge Holder in the Philippines. We, at Pinoy Ballers, allow our clients to have bulk orders. For more information about this product, you can call us anytime at +63 927-877-5212 (GLOBE),  +632 8929-9845 (Landline) or email us at

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Make your employees, students or seminar attendees feel special with our Silicone ID Badge Holder. Badge holders are a great way to protect an ID, proximity card or business card. Made of high-quality silicone, our silicone ID badge holder will not only hold any of your identification cards but will also make sure that it keeps them away from any damage. 

Choose from Pinoy Baller’s wide variety of color choices and customize your own logo. This accessory offers convenience and security that are perfect for everyday use.