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Custom Aprons

Because aprons have a wide space to get your brand and message out there, these make as an excellent promotional item. Our custom aprons are ideal as holiday giveaway especially for those who are in the foodservice industry. Use our custom aprons to promote your business. Or use them as a fundraising item to raise funds for a cause or charity that your support. 

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A custom apron is a garment that is worn over the clothing, mainly in the front, to protect the skin or clothes from any stains or marks. This keeps your clothes clean while you are busy doing some house chores, or cooking. However, some aprons are also worn as a decoration, or part of a uniform. This is most especially for those who work in restaurants, coffee shops or pubs.  Some aprons can be designed with pouches or pockets while some can be designed as plainly as possible. They can also come in a variety of shapes and lengths. And because of its wide range of customization options, this makes it a great giveaway for employees, students, customers, friends, family, officemates or churchmates. Almost anyone would appreciate receiving this as an event giveaway specially for events that have guests who love cooking.  Aprons are a great promotional item that appeals to the masses. Those who are in the food service industry or grocery business would make good use of this item. Promotional aprons are used as a corporate or school holiday gift. 

Aprons as a Promotional Item

If you are looking for practicality and affordability, custom aprons are the best choice. These are very durable and are personalizable. Get your brand, logo and message to more potential customers by using aprons as a promotional item.  There are many ways of designing your own custom aprons. We have a wide variety of color options, font texts, and designs. And the best part about an apron is that it has a wide space where you can place your logo. If you want your logo to really stand out, you can choose to have it printed largely on the apron.  Get in touch with us now to discuss how you can make your own custom promotional aprons. Pinoy Ballers is focused in going the extra mile to meet our customer’s design and quality standards. We have a team of friendly salespeople who can help you in designing the most practical and useful custom aprons. Call us at +63 927-877-5212, +63 999-150-4444 or +632 8929-9845. You can also email us at

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