Rubber Coasters

The history of coasters started in the 1760s when the first coasters were designed for wine bottles. The first coasters were made of cardboard, and through the years, have evolved into different kinds made of sturdier materials for different purposes. In recent years, we already have rubber coasters.  We are offering coasters that are made from rubber. This rubber coaster is perfect for those who want their coasters to be non-sticky and non-slip. And we make sure that our rubber coaster is only made from the highest quality rubber material. Our rubber coaster has a good and firm grip so that your glass, mug or tumbler will not slide off. Drink your favorite coffee, tea, beer, wine, whiskey or water daily with these very modern and stylish rubber coaster. Users can easily re-use and store these rubber coasters. The very durable rubber material is very easy to clean, making it advisable for everyday use. Rubber costers do not crack, break or wear out like other materials. These are also very easy to wash. You can simply put these in the dishwasher or hand wash them.

Rubber Coasters as a Promotional Item

Do you want to boost your audience reach and brand recall? Our rubber drink coaster can help you achieve this. Simply by putting your logo or tagline in these products, your marketing game can be at its best. Imagine the users seeing your brand’s logo every single time they use these coasters. Your logo or tagline will surely leave a mark on their memories for a long time. This makes rubber coasters the best promotional item for any events like trade shows, seminars, business conventions, family parties, and many more. They can also be the best giveaway items for resorts, hotels, diners, night clubs, bars or restaurants. Interested in using our Rubber Coaster as a promotional item or as an event giveaway? Get in touch with Pinoy Ballers now. Call us at +63 927-877-5212, +632 8929-9845 or email us at

Learn More About Rubber Coasters

Coasters are an essential item used to rest drinks upon at the same time serving as protection for the table or any other surface where the drink might be placed. Our rubber coasters are designed to strongly adhere to the bottom of the surface to keep the rubber coaster from slipping from the tabletop. Additionally, these coasters are made from high-quality rubber and are definitely heat-resistant and waterproof. 

Pinoy Ballers can make any custom design that would best fit your needs. Everything will be personalized according to customer requirements, specifications, design, and quantity to produce.