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Reflective Lanyards

With these reflective lanyards, it’s always safety first. Reflective lanyards are made of durable polyester that has a reflective material that shines in the light. This makes the wearer more visible even in the dark. 

This is an essential item especially for those whose works require safety requirements like for construction workers, traffic enforcers and others working in outside and active environments. But these could also be used as a fun accessory. Pinoy Ballers offers customizable reflective lanyards where you can personalize that would best fit your desires. 

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Just like any other lanyards, reflective lanyards serve the same purpose. But if you are looking for a lanyard that will make you stand out from the rest, then these lanyards are the answer to your questions. These reflective lanyards are made from the highest quality polyester. Its main purpose is to keep the wearer safe at all times. Because of its high visibility at the dark, these have become part of the daily uniform of most workers. These are mainly used by construction workers, traffic enforcers, and those who are working outside, especially at night. 

Reflective Lanyards as a Promotional Item

Reflective lanyards are an excellent choice for a promotional item. Your company’s logo and tagline can be added on this glow-in-the-dark lanyard. Its effectivity on low-light setup will make these lanyards very effective as a promotional item.  Reflective lanyards are perfect for outdoors or night-time settings where these lanyards could help increase the wearer’s visibility. These are a great giveaway at trade shows, seminars, and similar events. We use a silkscreen imprinting method so you can add your own logo or message on your own glow-in-the-dark lanyards. We provide a wide variety of color options for these cool lanyards. If you want your lanyards to have a very vibrant color, you can go for it. However, if you want them to be very subtle, you can definitely have them as subtle as you want them to be.  Pinoy Ballers is on top of the game in making custom reflective lanyards. We have a variety of lanyards are available here. From colors to materials, attachments, length, and width, your custom lanyard will look exactly how you want it. Get a free quote now. Call us now at +63 927-877-5212, +63 961-351-5212, +632 8929-9845 or email us at  

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