Leather Coasters

Coasters are items that are used to rest drinks upon to protect the surface of a table. If you dread seeing any circling mess on your favorite furniture, then these coasters are for you. We make coasters out of different materials. And this one specifically is made out of leather. The leather surface helps prevent the temperature to cause any damage from any steaming coffee mug or team cup. Because of the high-quality leather material that we use, these coasters are very easy to clean and rinse off.  Having this leather coaster around all the time can make you enjoy any of your favorite drinks more. Our leather coasters are one of the best promotional items because of their functionality and its customizable feature. You can customize these leather coaster depending on how you want it. And you can also choose from a variety of colors, font texts, size and designs to match your brand. If you want to make it as the best giveaway ever, you can also incorporate your brand's logo in it. 

Leather Coasters as a Promotional Item

Coasters are a great promotional tool. Consider this item as a blank canvas where you can put any advertising about your product or services. These are perfect as a giveaway for bars, pubs, restaurants, hotels, and resorts. With a lot of design and personalization options available and a tremendous discount, our custom coasters are a highly effective promotional solution for any your marketing needs. Pinoy Ballers is the leading source of promotional products in the Philippines. We already served thousands of customers and helped them with all their promotional needs. Our custom leather products are one of our best-sellers. For more details about our Leather Coasters, you can call us at +63 927-877-5212 for globe users,  and +632 929-9840 for landline, or email us at sales@pinoyballers.com.

Learn More About Leather Coasters

These leather coasters are made to protect the surface of your table your drinks’ temperature or any spills. Often referred to as “beer mat” or “beverage coaster” our coaster is specially made of leather to make sure that it will soak up the condensation from your drink and will serve as a barrier from your beverage’s heat. 

Our leather coaster is the top pick for the different variety of coasters that Pinoy Ballers is offering. It performs reasonably well with both hot and cold drinks.