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Custom F1 Polo

Are you a racing fan? If so then these F1 polo is truly a must-have item for you. Pinoy Ballers offers a fully customizable F1 polo shirt that you can use as a gift for your loved ones, family, friends, or officemates. Customize these in any color, design, message or logo that you want.

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Formula one, also known as F1 is a form of racing that has been famous for years now. And because of its popularity, the F1 polo shirts has become one of the best-selling merchandise for sporting events. Wearing a custom F1 polo shirt makes the wearer truly standout. This is because of the way the F1 polo shirt is designed. It usually has three buttons from the neckline until at least 5 inches down.  Because custom F1 polo shirts are very comfortable to wear, many people also use these during casual occasions like going to the mall or meeting with their friends. Not only are these famous for men, but women also use these as a fashionable casual outfit. When paired with the right outfit and shoes, these F1 polo shirts will surely make you stand out.  For all the F1 enthusiasts, here’s an item that you would want to have. Our custom F1 polo shirts are available in all sizes and are fully customizable in your preferred design, color, text font and logo. This F1 polo shirt is the perfect gift for your husband, friends, officemates, and family especially if they are into f1 racing. 

F1 Polo as a Promotional Item

Because F1 polo shirts truly make the wearer stand out, many advertisers use these to promote their businesses. If your business is working with a sporting event or even a fundraising event, these f1 polo shirts will surely help. Design them with your business logo, color, and message to spread the word about your brand. And if your main concern as a marketer is affordability and durability, you won’t have to worry because these polo shirts are sure to be very durable and inexpensive.  Pinoy Ballers is your one-stop-shop for all your promotional needs. We have a lot of promotional items available including this F1 Polo Shirt. If you want to learn more about our F1 Polo Shirt, call us now at +63 927-877-5212, +63 999-150-4444, +632 8929-9845. Or you can also email us at

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